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Humans & Machines. auLAB 2017

2017.06.18 // Workshop

Humans & Machines. Experimental Laboratory of art & Technology.

Design of the contents and teaching at auLAB 2017, an innovation teaching project by LABoral Centro de Arte in cooperation with the Education and Culture Council of the Principality of Asturias.

Video-summary of the students works at "Humans & Machines" at LABoral Centro de Arte. Gijón. Spain

Humans & Machines is the experimental laboratory in art and technology that María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde have designed and taught at auLAB 2017, at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. Spain

The workshop has taken place during six work sessions, with students from 15 to 17 years old. It consisted in an approaching to the intersection between art, science and technology through the view of examples of artists, scientific milestones etc.
The wearable concept was introduced from an artistic approach, thanks to an practice exercise DIY that allowed students to experiment with sensors and actuators. It was possible thanks to a kit based on arduino developed by the artists María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde, a kit created specifically to teach and allow us to show students the possibilities of the technology. In this way, at the end of the workshop the students were able to produced their own wearable tech project

Sensors and actuators Kit based on arduino for the workshop “Humans & Machines”

Some pictures of “Humans & Machines”

Post on Adafruit blog related to our kit: "How to make the perfect kit for teaching wearable tech"
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María Castellanos

María Castellanos has a degree and a doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, Spain.
In her work, she investigates the body, specifically the perception and sensory deficiencies of human beings. She focuses on the hybridizations between cyborgs and wearables as a paradigm for the expansion of human sensory capabilities.

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