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Clorofila 3.0


Clorofila 3.0 researches the elctric impulses produced by plant organisms. A program specifically created for the project, it captures the changes in the voltage to reflect the state of the plant by translating them to sound in real time through a module set up inside the organism.

These devices measure the electric charges that vary according to the temperature and chemical system of the plant or other external factors, such as pressure, air movement, light or proximity of phisical objects. These measurements are matched with a series of these organism by transferring electrical impulses to emotional expresions that are entirely imperceptible to the human senses.

Sensor demostration

Clorofila 3.0 Installation

Exhibited at:
Technology and Emotions Congress. Organized byPolyteknisk Forening, i/o/lab and NTNU. Oslo. Norway. 2017
Reactions/interactions. Verge Gallery. Sydney. Australia. 2014
MEM Festival. Bilbao. Spain. 2012
Valey Centro Cultural de Castrillón. Asturias. Spain. 2012
ArteSantander 2011. Santander. Spain. 2011
Tentaciones. Estampa. Madrid. Spain. 2011
Artwork coproduced with Alberto Valverde
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María Castellanos

María Castellanos is an artist and researcher . Her artistic practice focuses primarily on the research about human sensory boundaries and the creation of complex systems that promote the communication and the understanding between humans and non human beings. Currently she is postdoctoral researcher at Oslo Metropolitan University, in the framework of FeLT –Futures of Living Technologies–

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