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Symbiotic Interaction

WEARABLES, 2016-2017

The project consist in two wearable tech garments continuing on from our previous research Clorofila 3.0. In the Clorofila project small electrical vibrations in plants were measured through sensors and algorithms, and it was discovered that the data changed depending on changes in external environment such as in temperature, distance of objects, atmospheric pressure or light makes a reaction in the plant.

In Symbiotic Interaction garments have been constructed to carry tiny plants that can measure and monitor the surroundings, working as an interface for the changes and relating environmental data to the wearer.

This project has been created thanks to SoftLab Residency Scholarship at Sliperiet - a part of Arts Campus at Umeå University. Sweden

Exhibited at:
Eco-Visionaries. Hek. Basel. Switzerland. Curated by Sabine Himmelsbach, Karin Ohlenschlaeger and Yvonne Volkart. 2018
Nova XX. Halles Saint-Géry. Bruselas. Bélgica. Curated by Stéphanie Pecourt. 2017-2018
LookForward Fashion Tech Festival 2017. Musee La Piscine. Roubaix France and  La Gâitè Lyrique, París. France. Curated by Anne-Sophie Berard. 2017
An artwork coproduced with  Alberto Valverde
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María Castellanos

María Castellanos has a degree and a doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, Spain.
In her work, she investigates the body, specifically the perception and sensory deficiencies of human beings. She focuses on the hybridizations between cyborgs and wearables as a paradigm for the expansion of human sensory capabilities.

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