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Unexpected Ecosystems

Unexpected Ecosystems, is an installation that aims to explore the interaction between plants and soft machines through the use of Artificial Intelligence. The plants’ intelligence and the AI cohabit in the installation, together learning and creating unexpected collaborations between both beings.

The machines, fed by the electrofisiology data from the plants, learn from the electrical activity of the plants and thanks to an AI evolve each day. The plants also learn from their environment and from their relationship with the machines. Another global AI synchronizes all the soft machines in the installation, which means that what one machine discovers the others learn too.

The work is an installation composed by three little greenhouses where machines and plants co- habit together. The idea is to avoid as much as possible thee human interaction with plants and observe how plants and machines evolve together along the time.

Artwork exhibited at:
Unexpected Ecosystems. Open Day. Kunstnernes Hus. Oslo. Noruega
Developed in the framework of FeLT Project. OsloMet
This artwork is part of the research project Other Intelligences. Plant-Human Interespecies Dialogues. Work produced with the support of a 2020 Leonardo Grant for Researchers and Cultural Creators, BBVA Foundation.
The Foundation takes no responsibility for the opinions, statements and contents of this project, which are entirely the responsibility of its authors.

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María Castellanos

María Castellanos is an artist and researcher . Her artistic practice focuses primarily on the research about human sensory boundaries and the creation of complex systems that promote the communication and the understanding between humans and non human beings. Currently she is postdoctoral researcher at Oslo Metropolitan University, in the framework of FeLT –Futures of Living Technologies–

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