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This project explores different ways in which we can perceive a daily life activity (getting dressed and undressed) depending on the instrument we use: the human eye on the one hand, and a camera on the other. This project is a processual work, in which two dresses are created as the central point of the performance.

This work uses the fact of getting dressed or undressed as an excuse to make us think about the relationships between skin and dress, and about how important human perception is in the whole process.

For this project we created two dresses: the first one was made using a plastic material which is transparent when looked at through an infrared camera but opaque for the human eyeIn this way, when I am wearing the dress, the spectators who look at me directly see me dressed,  but if they look through the screen which reproduces my image live, they see me naked.

The second dress has some infrared LED lights built into it. These lights turn on when you connect the strips to the collar. The light it creates can only be seen through the screen, because the human eye cannot perceive the infrared light.

Performance through the naked eye and with the infrared camera

Exhibited at:
Corpo-Realidad. CS-LAB. Zokei University. Tokyo. Japan. 2014
Eidos da Imaxe. Curated by Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego. MARCO. Vigo. Spain. 2014
Corpo-Realidad. Valey Centro Cultural de Castrillón. Asturias. Spain. 2013
Corpo-Realidad. Sala Astragal. CMX. Gijón. Spain. 2013
Astragal Prize 2012. Goverment of the Principality of Asturias. Spain
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María Castellanos

María Castellanos is an artist and researcher . Her artistic practice focuses primarily on the research about human sensory boundaries and the creation of complex systems that promote the communication and the understanding between humans and non human beings. Currently she is postdoctoral researcher at Oslo Metropolitan University, in the framework of FeLT –Futures of Living Technologies–

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